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EFFISM is an innovative product developed by AIMRI Research and Development wing. Through this unique software, you can now plan, organize, and execute, your tasks systematically while improving your efficiency for a better future.


In this growing world of competition, where every day is a challenge and every second an opportunity, the only the best and the efficient ones are destined to survive and lead the world. Hence it is really up to us if we wish to become a ‘LEADER’ or a ‘FOLLOWER’ Following the Basic time management principle of 1:1:1, AIMRI, the Research and Development wing of Aries Group of Companies with 66 companies operating in 25 countries, developed an innovative product – EFFISM: The Efficiency Improvement System Management, to measure and enhance the efficiency of an individual. This efficiency measuring tool incorporates a 200 parameters like Planning, Review, KPIs, Health Management, Technology utilization, Asset Management, Training, Marketing, and Entertainments, etc. to improve the efficiency of an individual/company. Breaking the traditional conventions of management assessment skills, EFFISM enables every individual in the organization, irrespective of their position, to document their daily activities as per-minute basis and enable them to improve their efficiency by themselves EFFISM envisions totally transforming India with Efficient Human resources to conquer the world through our products and services .

For more details: www.efftime.com

About Founder

A Naval architect by profession, Dr. Sohan Roy is the Founder Chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies, a multinational consortium of 66 companies spread over 25 countries. With decades of experience in executing Naval Architectural Engineering & Design Projects all over the world, he is a proven leader credited with pioneering innovations in Maritime, Entertainment, Media and Medical industries. He is the creator of globally acclaimed & Oscar selected films and documentaries, founder of the first global maritime TV channel - Marine BizTV and first global medical channel - Medi BizTV, Founder of visual media based institute, AIMRI, Creator of the first steel snake boat - Aries Punnamada Chundan, the designer of the unsinkable steel boat Safe Botel, creative head of Topless Ship, Concept creator of revolutionary efficiency management tool - EFFISM and Mastermind behind the state-of-the-art internationally recognized software T.I.M.E (To Improve My Efficiency). Promoter of the largest 3D Motion Picture & Animation studio in India - EPICA, Owner of one of the finest sound design in India - Aries Vismayas Max, Promoter of one of India's best double 4K Exhibition Screen - Aries Plex, the heart & soul of the USD 10 billion Project Indywood, designed to change the destiny of Indian cinema.


  • Max 15 mins each day for data entry
  • Daily monitoring / Auditing
  • Appropriate Self assessment
  • Plan and review micro-level works
  • Perfect in-house social medium
  • Easy search facility
  • Effective application of Key Performance Indicators
  • Cost Effective
  • Accurate supervision of work
  • Easy retrieval of data, in the desired format
  • Zero communication loss
  • Review staff performance and efficiency
  • 24hr follow up system
  • Automatic generation of time sheet, invoice form and performance evaluation
  • Track official financial transactions