AIMRI Concepts

We have sufficient job requirements in marine industry.

Personal financial management and budget control is considered an integral part of personality development. In order to inculcate value of money and pride of self earning, the institute has introduced the concept of “Earn while you learn. In this scheme all students will be given sufficient opportunity and exposure by way of On the Job Training (OJT) on various work undertaken under the aegis of AIMRI and the Aries Group, such as R&D, Content Generation, Marketing, Documentation, Survey, Inspection, Drafting, Design Calculation, Drawing up of Technical Specification, Technical Evaluation, Costing and Estimation, Tender Documentation, Auto-cad Drawing Generation, Event Management, 2D-3D Graphic Animation, Technical and Educational Video Production. The students will be allocated various assignments on the above aspects which will add on to their course profile. As a token of their effort the students will be provided handsome earnings that can sufficiently cater their day to day expenditure.

New Generation Education System

Visual Media system of education provides a concrete frame of reference making the learning process faster and efficient. The basic principle used in this educative system is similar to that of the clarity created during watching a movie rather than reading its script. Clarity of the concept increases and understanding becomes 20 times faster. AIMRI's innovative visual media based education system utilizes Hi-Tech 7.1 surround system theatres for teaching.

Visual Media Support

Marine BizTV is the world's first global maritime TV channel and web TV to redefine and catalyze the maritime world. Being sector specific for the marine and maritime world, the channel aims at being a single point of contact for all maritime activities and information worldwide, transmitting and helping in creating a safer maritime world. Marine BizTV cater the best medium to infotainment thereby tracking paths for business development and promotion that bestow a new vision into the entire maritime trade. The channel is acknowledged by maritime institutes as an archive for informative materials.
Attended by various top notch decision makers of the maritime industry, our major technical events like ShipTek, Offshore conferences, Submar, Boat India and NDT conferences will act as major paper presentation platform for AIMRI research students in the future. Our exclusive 6000 hrs of informative video content can also be duly utilized by these students to make their presentations effective and efficient.