Teaching Faculty

Aries International Maritime Research Institute

Jaxon Thomas

Electrical & Electronics Engineer

Jaxon Thomas is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer with more than twelve years experience in a wide variety of electrical design, documentation, estimation, installation, maintenance, and fault diagnosis, repairs & construction supervision and commissioning of marine electrical equipment and systems. Currently, he is the Dy. General Manager of Aries Marine and Engineering Services, Sharjah.

Arun V. Menon

Marine Engineer

Arun V. Menon - is a Marine Engineer with P.G in Pre-Sea Marine Engineering Training and Marine Engineer Officer Class IV (Motor) - Certificate of Competency. He has excellent technical and analytical expertise with 15+ years of professional experience. During his tenure he has attended numerous training which have added edge to his technical competency. Currently, he is the Operations Manager of Aries Marine and Engineering Services, Dubai.

Robin Syriac

Offshore Engineer

Robin Syriac - is B-Tech (NA& SB) and is currently pursuing MSc in Offshore Engineering. Before joining Aries Group of Companies he worked as a Naval Architect with M/s Larsen & Tourbo Ltd, Baroda. Currently, Manager - Offshore Design division of Aries Marine and Engineering Services, Sharjah, he has also been a part of various challenging offshore projects at Aries, providing exemplary results. Syriac is also well versed with latest Naval Architect, strength analysis and mooring software.

Sandeep I Venugopalan

Electronics Engineer

Sandeep I Venugopalan is an Electronics Engineer with freelance experience in computer hardware and electronics assembly. During the early stages of his 13-year journey in the maritime industry, he has handled marine surveys all around the world. He also has extensive experience in all classification society Rules and regulations in the marine and offshore sectors. Presently he is Manager -Hull inspections at Aries group and specializes in client handling. He is also an expert in providing technical training and making presentations.

Sandra K Anil

Naval Architect

Sandra K Anil holds B.Tech in NA&SB and is currently pursuing MA in Psychology. With prior experience as a Jr. Naval Architect at Navgathi Marine, she gained invaluable expertise in the strength and stability of vessels and spearheaded solar vessel designs. Presently, she serves as a Naval Architect Faculty at Aries Institute of Marine Research, where she shares her knowledge with students. Additionally, as a certified Soft skills and Life skills trainer, she also plays a key role in the Happiness Department at Aries, facilitating internal technical and wellness trainings.